Who we are


  • Founded 1982 by Anne-Marie Stevens and Christian Vanvaek, ISFI is located in Braine-l’Alleud near Brussels. Originally with six staff and a space of some 1,700 m², expansion quickly started with the brands Oscar Tausig and Nelly. Over the intervening years, ISFI has continued to grow and pursuing an active expansion policy.
  • The take-over of the company in 2008 by the new management results in increasing turnover up to now. The positive impulses guarantee permanent continuity.
  • 2010 expansion of the product range and increase of filling and packaging capacity.
  • 2011 is a challenging year with further expansion of our warehouse capacity + 3.500 square meters and go live of ERP solution « Microsoft AX ».


Our quality policy has been perfected and is rigorously applied at every link in the “spice chain”: from making our selection in the countries of origin through reception in Belgium to delivery to our customers.

Client satisfaction

At ISFI, service is not just an empty word. Our Quality Code of Practice lays down the following principles in black and white.

Professional buyer satisfaction

ISFI’s management undertakes to fully meet the requests and requirements of its professional buyers, never hesitating to develop new products on demand. Our company supports its customers proactively, with a view to continuous improvement in the quality and creativity of its pure products and blends. Orders, delivery times and all other administrative aspects are discussed by the ISFI team and each client. ISFI guarantees 100% total compliance with this undertaking.


Our quality and know-how demand that nothing is left to chance at ISFI. We buy only the finest products from our suppliers, which are carefully selected and checked regularly. Quality analyses of harvest samples determine our final decisions.


ISFI’s policy of transparency enables any buyer to verify the history of the spice he or she is tasting. The traceability system ensures reliable and speedy information processing.


From picking to plate, every batch of spices purchased by ISFI is subject to a battery of hygiene checks. In ensure all products conform to rigourous hygiene standards, ISFI staff undergo ongoing training programmes and comply with strict hygiene instructions.

Sustainable development

ISFI quality spices are grown with respect for the environment of the production areas and regions. The people who produce our spices are not exploited, but are paid a fair day’s wage.