ISFI gastronomic spice mixes

ISFI has recently launched gastronomic spice mixes: spice blends that make daily dishes go much further. Developed by Belgium’s well-known Swedish cook Christer Elfving, these true taste explosions allow us all to shine in the kitchen.

User-friendly solutions for seasoning dishes at the end of preparation, ISFI gastronomic spice mixes have been meticulously selected with culinary savoir-faire. Surprising ingredients such as flowers, cheese, or a large range of berries join in to pamper the palate with delicious flavours, and with colour combinations that are a feast for the eye as well.

Gastronimic Mix Catalogue

ISFI gastronomic spice mixes are divided into 3 ranges of 6 products.

ISFI Herbs in Oil

We bring a tough of Provence directly to your kitchen ?

Freshly picked herbs that are grown in this sunny climate of la Provence are processed on the day of harvesting in sunflower oil. The immediate chopping in high quality sunflower oil makes that almost all essential oils, which are so generously available in these fresh herbs, can be preserved. Only a minimum of sea salt and concentrated lemon juice are added afterwards.

Thus remain flavor, taste and aroma of the herbs encapsulated in the resulting product and patiently await the magic touch of the creative chef that unfolds their aromatic splendor.

To maintain that superb aroma, you should never cook or fry any herbs, as they would lose most of it, and even burn. The herbs should be added at the end of the cooking process or at the end of preparation.


The ISFI herbs in oil product range consists of 12 products:

  • Herbs in sunflower oil from la Provence

Single herbs :

  • Garlic
  • Basil

Herbal blends :

  • Tuscany Blend
  • Nordic Blend (dill & shallots)

Mediterranean-style range:

  • Pesto Green
  • Pesto Red
  • Cream of Paprika

Asian-style Range:

Single varieties and various blends

  • Curry
  • Green Chili (mild)
  • Ginger
  • Herbal Blend Asia

Seasoning marinades with selected spices