About us

What we do

ISFI selects, blends and packages high quality spices to cater to consumer trends and tastes.
The marvellous world of spices features a unique mix of tradition and modernity. Tradition takes the lead when selecting products in their countries of origin. To preserve flavour for maximum consumer enjoyment, state-of-the-art technology is used. Read more

Who we are

Founded 1982 by Anne-Marie Stevens and Christian Vanvaek, ISFI is located in Braine-l’Alleud near Brussels. Originally with six staff and a space of some 1,700 m², expansion quickly started with the brands Oscar Tausig and Nelly. Over the intervening years, ISFI has continued to grow and pursuing an active expansion policy. Read more


Leader in the Belgian market (40%)
Isfi is a privately-owned family business involving three generations, ISFI (International Spice & Food Import) was founded in 1982. Since then it has expanded organically to meet the needs of the market. A passion for the rich world of spices, total mastery of the expertise, an emphasis on strong customer relationships, respect for good work, plus an unshakable desire to offer the customer the best possible service. All this explains the success of this Belgian company. Read more